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Friday, January 11

getting antsy

I am feeling rather antsy, anxious....today. I leave in 7 days to go see Mark so naturally I have a million and one things to do. I did decide to drive myself to the airport and while it'll cost a bit of money at least I won't have to rely on anyone else to get me there on time. A bit off my mind that I can control that. I missed an international flight once by 15 lousy minutes and am always incredibly nervous about doing it again. I need to finish laundry, plan outfits, pack...all that sort of stuff but I also have to cart my oldest son back and forth to robotics just about every day and it's biting into my time this week. I have to have him there by 8am on Saturday...that really should be outlawed...I need to sleep in a bit on Saturdays, I am so NOT a morning person. I have an appointment on Saturday afternoon to help get all beautified and I have to go by new bras. My favorite one went...boooiiinnnggg, flop! this morning(the underwire broke). I have a meeting at church on Tuesday for the committee I chair and I need to finish changing out the flowers in the sanctuary. Ohhh goodness I also have to write up the annual report for my committee by Sunday.

Monday morning is court to see if I can move Jordan to the UK. Best possible outcome is that we get full permission and can begin planning the move. Worst, naturally is that they say no. Middle road, they order an investigation. Of course I fear the worst but honestly don't think it will go that way as there are four specific things they are to look at and we have them completely covered and covered well. The investigation, while it doesn't worry me in and of itself it will cost me more money as we will have to continue to pay my lawyer. I am feeling anxious about it but also pretty hopeful. We really have covered everything very well and my lawyer sounds pretty optimistic about it. Of course, it helps immensely that my ex is a jobless moron. What the hell was I thinking when I married him. *sigh* Ahh well....I have a wonderful little boy and that is worth the hell he put me through.

Ok...had better get back to work. I am swamped now that the stupid new financial system is at long last up and running again.


At 1/16/2008 07:58:00 pm, Anonymous Scarlettina said...

Hi! Just found you via the UK swap blog.
Your court case doesn't sound like much fun and I know just what you mean when you talk about your ex. I have one that fills a similar description and I still can't believe I ever had a relationship with the idiot. I plead temporary insanity and thank god that I came to my senses fairly quickly and got out of there! My boys are the best thing to come out of it and, like you, I wouldn't be without them for the world.


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