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Monday, January 15

wait! and then wait some more

Work is driving me a little bit insane lately. We are so immensely busy it's crazy and the contract deadlines just keep getting pushed out and out. We were supposed to have some sort of decision by this past Friday but it came and went with nothing. Yesterday we were told that the client had some questions about the proposal which could mean one of two things; they are either stalling or actually thinking of accepting it. I honestly don't know anymore which I hope for I just want it decided one way or another.

The new date is January 31st. Supposedly, if they haven't made a decision by then we begin the 120 day notice to leave the contract. Plenty of time to find a new job if need be although my boss keeps saying I have nothing to worry about. I just can't trust that she could be saying it just so I don't start looking now and jump ship on her. ahh well...it's all a waiting game now.

Quick side note: I am nuts. I am so overwhelmed with excitement over this trip I have taken to screaming out loud in my car. Sitting there all alone my mind wanders and inevitably ends up on Mark and my trip to see him and I just get so overcome with excitement that I feel like if I don't scream a little bit I just might explode! Just over four weeks to go. Oh, and a bonus, still no one sitting next to me on the flight :) Say a little prayer it stays that way as it'd be soooo nice to be able to stretch out across the seats.

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