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Thursday, January 18

The middle boy

For years my middle son, Mitch, has been a most annoying child. I love him dearly, mind you, but he just has to draw attention to himself constantly. He was always, ALWAYS, making noises or moving about just generally being annoying. He'd make you want to yell SIT STILL and BE QUIET practically every other minute.

He's fantastic with his little brother. Jordan adores playing with Mitch because Mitch is full of energy and full of silly nonsense. Non-stop loud, energetic, silly play. Just the sort of thing that a five year old loves and the sort of thing that begins to grate on your nerves after the first oh five minutes! Naw, I usually last a bit longer than that before I begin the "settle down" mantra. Well, unless I have headache and then it's about two and a half seconds. You see what entertains the five year old usually is a little bit annoying to the average adult.

It's more than the silliness and the constant movement though he also seems to enjoy asking the most inane questions. Stupid questions that have no actual answer but still ones that make you stop and try until you see the grin on his face and you realize that it's just another attention ploy.

It's a million little things that he does that annoys but lately I have noticed it starting to wane. He's suddenly engaging me in actual conversations with actual topics. Interesting stuff like how things work and even politics. It's an amazing change and I am beginning to enjoy spending time with him again. He and I go run errands together, we share jokes and talk about all sorts of things. He's always been the sort of kid that needs a lot of direct one on one contact on a very regular basis to keep his attention stores filled up but it's just different now. He is growing up. That one on one time doesn't feel like it once did. I hate to say like a chore because that sounds just awful but some days spending time with this child was exactly that. I am so very glad he seems to be outgrowing it.

He is still lots of fun with his little brother but when I say enough he actually listens the first time. He is still full of energy but he seems to have found a nice balance in which he expels it at proper times instead of constantly. He's even taken to doing his homework on a regular basis without prompting. He's just simply growing up and he's growing up into a really great kid. He's always been a good kid, even well behaved, just so full of energy he didn't know how to control it and it just spilled over all the time. I am so proud to see these changes in him. I am so pleased that he seems to be feeling more comfortable in his own skin. Isn't that all we really want for our kids? He doesn't have to fit any particular mold just that he learns to love and cope well with the person that he is. He's growing up and it's a privilege to be able to watch it and even more so to be a part of his life.



At 1/18/2007 12:55:00 am, Blogger Monica said...

Kids are funny...and as a parent it's tough to admit that maybe you don't "like" your kids all the time. As if just because you grew this kid from a 2 cell being you're supposed to be enamored with every aspect of them. Gag...those parents are so annoying to be around. As the mom of 4 myself, I like all of my kids, almost all the time, but sometimes, a 30 year old dosen't want to hang out with 10,8,7,and 5 year olds...how creepy would it be if I did?

At 1/18/2007 08:19:00 pm, Blogger dee said...

I so agree, Monica, those parents are the worst. The perfect sort whose kids do no wrong and are a constant joy to be around. Who do they think they are fooling anyhow...no way it's ever actually true.

Thanks for the comment too :)


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