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Tuesday, January 30

16 days!!!

The countdown is dwindling so quickly now and I am so beyond excited! Just two weeks from Thursday and I am on my way. The trip he has planned is just simply a dream come true, not to mention that the man himself is one as well. *sigh* I musta done something right to deserve him. :)

On the home front, report cards have come out this week for the kids and I am stunned! Mitch, the one that usually has trouble in school, got four A's and 2 B's!!! His language arts grade went from a D+ first marking to a C and now a B+. I was flat out stunned. It is the best report card he has ever had. I am so incredibly proud of him. His Dad called me to tell me about the grades the day they came home and thanked me for leaving the moron (Randy), he insisted that the change in Mitch's behavior is due, at least in part, to not having to deal with all that stress. I am quite certain he is right. The change in Mitch over the last year has been astounding. He's growing up and he settling down now that he can just relax and be himself. Just one more justification.

Work...well...tomorrow is D-day. No decisions have come through thus far so tomorrow the 120 day notice letter goes out and we officially begin to exit from the contract. Now there is always a chance that negotiations will continue and we retain the contract but it's a slim chance. I had my performance review last week and got the same lecture about not having to worry about anything so we shall see where it all ends up.

Speaking of my review though...holy smokes was it fantastic. I have never had such a good review which was very cool but just a tiny bit embarrassing. In our review process you set goals for the year and then at years end you review those goals and mark is you had exceeded, met or did not meet, each goal. If you mark any as exceeded or did not meet you have to add a comment of explanation. I marked the majority of my goals as exceeded, leaving only the ones that were things like "meet 100% customer service goals" as met since you can't really exceed that 100%. As for the competencies, I marked all of those as exceeded so then I had to sit and write up comments that amounted to bragging about myself. That felt strange and a little embarrassing. Now I wait and see if I will either get a raise or lose my job with the loss of the client. It's no wonder I am stressed out! Thank goodness vacation is right around the corner.

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