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Tuesday, November 21

I won! I won!

Ok I do feel a little sneak and just a tiny bit unfair but goodness everyone's doing it! I sniped. There I admitted it. I sniped an eBay auction. I found a website that would enter my bod with 7 seconds left in the auction so that no one could outbid me. I tried to resist but every flippin auction I would bid on I'd lose in the last minute. I was getting seriously pissed off. So I gave in to the dark side and registered at a snipe site. I gave it my maximum bid and let it go. I have to admit I felt very smug about it and figured I would win the very first one I tried. However, since everyone IS doing it it took me 7 tries! I won!! I am so excited. Yeah, I know....small things please me. What did I win you ask? A Leapfrog Leapster system with three games. A 120 dollar value for 76 bucks! Woohoo!! I simply don't care if it's cheating...the kidlet asked Santa for this and I have to provide it after that don't I?



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