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Tuesday, December 1

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I have a creeping need for a fresh start...a sneaking desire to start my blog all fresh and new. Why? Well, thus far it's only ever really been known to my online friends...with the exception of the Worthing knitters but they were born on Ravelry. Anyway...I would like to start adding more family stuff to keep in touch with friends and fam in the states but I am worried that in my anonymous Internet freedom I may have said something offensive in the past. Not worried about anything major really just little things here and there. Maybe I am just being over sensitive. hmmm decisions decisions. Maybe I will have a little re-read of some archives and then decide. Stay tuned.

On the job front...nada. I did find an opening at the Aids Alliance that I worked for last year in the summer for a while. That one would be quite nice. It was a great relaxed place to work. Relaxed and busy. So relaxed in fact that many a worker wanders the office barefoot in the summer. They even told me during the health and safety lecture how I was welcome to do so but that I should realize that it could lead to a stubbed toe. Oh the danger!

Holidays...feeling definitely out of spirit. No real reason why...just very blah about it. Well, come to think of it, I am starting to feel distinctly uncomfortable with the thought of having it here. MIL and SIL are coming to us. I was really excited about it when it was planned but now that it is around the corner I am realizing that part of my coping abilities stem from not being at home. If I am at home then the kids would be here too. Jordan leaves the 12th Dec and the ex is still being difficult about letting the older ones come over. *sigh* It's going to end up in court. joy.


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