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Friday, June 15


I was surfing the top news stories of the day as I enjoyed my bagel and coffee this morning. Yeah, at work....bagel Fridays....it was just for a few minutes...honest. Anyhow. Here I am reading a bit of this headline and that one...Paris Hilton back to jail....something about sleeper cells...some guy winning 54 millions dollars because the cleaners lost his pants....mad squirrel injures three. Typical day stuff and nothing much catching my interest. Well, until the geek came out in me. Pluto is not only not a planet anymore but did you know there's another dwarf planet out there bigger than it. Makes me go all philosophical and wonder how far out it all extends...just on and on. What else is out there? How did we end up with all the right stuff for life to thrive here? If you haven't ever checked out the Privileged Planet, you really should. It's all about creationism but even if you don't believe in that it's really fascinating to consider all the pieces that must fall into place for life to really thrive. I know. Such a geek.

Yeah, I read about the mad squirrel too.



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