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Thursday, June 14

2. Actually accomplish the list!

I made such a nice list and yet got absolutely nothing done last weekend. Between baseball games and picnics we had hardly any time at all at home to get things done. The house is a disaster as a result! It's already Thursday and another weekend is here...another shot to torture my children with chores. The little guy is away for the weekend with his Dad. No baseball games. No picnics. No fun stuff at all planned. Oh boy oh boy am I looking forward to this.

Therapy tonight...not sure it's doing any real good, honestly. I can't seem to really open up and talk about much more than surface stuff. I know it's me that is inhibiting the process but I don't know how to change it. I go in with the best intentions, even a list of things I would like to talk about but once I am sitting there and she's smiling and nodding at me I find myself filling the hour with nothing of importance. Maybe this week will be different.

On the same note, I got me some happy pills. Cymbalta. I went to my regular doctor last week and sat and cried like a fool. He swears these will help lift the fog. I do hope he's right.


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