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Tuesday, May 8

I am the project

Ohh this is going to be bad bad bad. I have been officially declared a project. Shawn, a girl I work with, has decided that I am her pet project this summer. She already harrasses me constantly...have I drank my water today, do I have heels on, am I "bringing the sexy back"...on and on and on. I will be the first to admit that I shrank very deep inside myself when I was married to Randy and have only just barely begin to come back out again but goodness she's gonna push me outta my comfort zone. She's got all sorts of ideas for me...tennis lessons, dance lessons, getting out...just out where other adult type people are. She's got all sorts of ideas of what I need. She's probably right about most of it but ohhh I am not so sure I am ready to dive in like she'd like me to.

What happened to the old me? The one who loved to go out? The one who loved meeting people, made friends easily...the one who lived life.


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