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Thursday, May 3

Don't worry...just trust me

These words make my stomach tie up in knots and my head spin. I heard them twice today from two different sources. I am done...just absolutely overwhelmed. I am seeing a theripist on Friday...something I never thought I would ever in my life do. I have been before...a few times...and never with any results that made it feel remotely worthwhile.

I was forced into family therpy as a child and hated it. The therpist was a moron, or at least I thought so....all...ummm and yeaaaahhhh and no answers. I do understand that they just guide you along but it was a nightmare of only the parents being heard and me sitting there fuming. The next enlightening trip was with my first husband...I thought it went alright but then he told me he didn't want me to go with him again because then I took the focus off him. Another trip with the next husband resulted in an argument with the teripist about how I said something. Not what I said, not how I felt but just the words I used...he was offended by my grammer. Honestly! Next up was another trip with that husband...this time to a marriage counselor. That guy wasn't so bad and is probably the main reason I have decided that they aren't all bad and am willing to give it a go. It was a waste of time of course that time too since the husband didn't and wouldn't listen to anything he said. We attended two sessions and divorced a year later.

This time it's all about me though. I am not coping well with the overwhelming stress that I am facing just now.


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