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Saturday, November 3

gonna be a loooooong day

Today is bottle drive day. Can you feel my excitement? It's just ooooozing outta me. I will participate fully even though I despise returning bottles to the store. Truly I do. I save them and save them until I have a trunk full in my car and then I make the two oldest do it for me :) Child labor..yeah yeah. I don't know what it is I hate about it so much...the stickiness maybe? I just can't be bothered to rinse them out before bagging them up. Maybe it's the smell of the recycle area at the store, it just smells of old beer in there, yuk. Could just be that I am just that lazy! naw can't be that ;)

Anyhoo...today we will go driving about to collect bottles as a fund raiser for Mitch's class trip to Washington DC and I will do it gladly for two reasons. One...the trip costs nearly $700 and my budget is already stretched so tight that it squeaks and whines and all funds raised will be applied to the first payment that is due in a month. Secondly, if he participates in at least 5 fund raisers he will be added to the list of students who get a portion of the general fund raising fund. Mark got $50 spending money from the general fund when he went a couple years ago so it'll be worth it not to have to shell out spending money on top of everything else it will cost to send him.

We put out flyers on 70 houses letting them know that we are collecting and when we'd be picking up the bottles. I am very curious as to the response we will receive. When Mark did it he just went door to door with a group from school and just asked for the bottles straight out. It's a different process this time so we shall see how it works. We are scheduled to do a bottle drive four or five times so I guess we will know after today if we need to spread more flyers or less to get a decent collection.

Other notes for the day....Holy smokes I can't believe how many responses I have to my giveaway!!! It's very exciting...I think I have had more hits in one day that I had in the whole life of this blog! I wonder if anyone will come back when the lure of freebies goes away? 122 comments so far and a few very sweet ones that compliment the blog itself. awww :) thanks.

Also today is knitting...I am bound and determined to finish my first ever knitting project. I have started working down the back now and am very eager to get it done before Mark gets here in a couple weeks. I would love to be able to wear it on our out and abouts.

Did you see that btw? He will be here in two weeks! Two weeks!!!! 14 days 8 hours and 23 minutes....not that I am counting or anything. Biggest question of this trip....will he pop the question? Yeah...THE question.

ok off to wake the teenagers and get this day a going.

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