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Tuesday, October 9


I have taken up a new hobby :) I am getting teased by my kids, a co worker and have had more than a few funny looks while knitting in public but I am really enjoying it. I took a class in July and August of this year at the prompting of my therapist that I find something to do just for myself. This is my first real project and I am making a poncho. Aren't these colors fantastic!?

I really like the way things are coming along though it's taking a bit longer than I expected. I have had to alter the pattern a little to make it bigger too. The original stopping point for the front would have left me with a halter top I think so I just continued up more and more and I think I am just about there now.

I will have to alternate the skeins of yarn next time I do something variegated though as the colors aren't quite as even as I would have liked them to be. I think as I begin the work down the back I will do just that. Actually, I think if the "back" comes out nicer than the front I will just spin things around a bit and use the best side forward.



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