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Monday, October 15

A Day at the Farm

We had a great day today. Church was pleasant and it was nice to see everyone as usual but the best part of the day was the church outing to the farm. We got to do all the wonderful fall activities that I adore. We got to take a horse drawn wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch and we each got a pumpkin for carving.

Jordan got himself a little teeny tiny pumpkin that he was so completely thrilled over. Naturally, he still had to have a big one too :) I will be sure to post some pics of the pumpkins once we have given them some personality.

Would you look at those boys! It's pictures like these where I just can't believe how big they are. How grown up Mark and Mitch look...Even J looks awfully tall standing next to his brother. He'll soon be taller than momma just like the other two.

Jordan loved this little piglet. The little thing wouldn't dare remove his face from his food but every single time Jordan snorted at him he snorted right back. It was so very funny and J just thought it was the best that the pig was "talking to me".

"Smile, oh oldest child who has avoided the camera most of the day" I was shocked it actually worked and I didn't get a grunt as response or eyes rolling or anything! Look...looook I think he's even smiling!!

Cows...cows with poop on their legs...nice farm smell and a delight to the small boy and one larger one who loves all things gross and disgusting. eeeewwww.

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