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Tuesday, October 30

ratted out

well, today I ratted out my co-worker that is slacking off. I held my tongue for soooo long and finally today the boss asked me straight out what I thought the problem was. Why were so many things falling through the cracks? Why was so much work being completed only when things exploded? Why do we always seem to be running behind?

I started out by asking if there was anything wrong with Tina. Was she having trouble at home...something I was unaware of. Playing the sympathy card first ;) Then I just laid it all out. How and what has been slipping and that it's things that are her responsibility and that every time she isn't in (she works mon, wed, fri) all Shawn and I do is put out fires all day long on her work....while keeping up on our own. It's frustrating as hell.

I feel immensely better having aired it all out though I am fairly certain that nothing will really come of it. She makes a good deal more money than I do too. THAT pisses me right off.



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