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Thursday, August 23

12 people!


I had 12 visits this week! I get a little report from site meter every week on who visits and from where and usually it's one maybe two people and that's about it but low and behold twelve people stopped by this week! I've been terribly busy recently and it's just been a rather bleak several months so I haven't been around to write much. Really, who wants to listen to me wine and wine (or is that whine and whine?) about my awful not so very bad life. I'm blessed in so many ways but there are just a few things that have been quite difficult to cope with in the last several months. Writing about them just brings them to the surface when I have got them all tucked neatly away so I just don't.

Things are looking up some though. A big worry had been work. My project was ending and my future was not secure. I kept getting the "don't worry" bit from my boss but never any idea of what I would be doing so naturally I worried. I am well on my way on not one but two new projects as well as overseeing the conclusion of the ended one so I am firmly secure in the job again. Such a relief. Michigan job market sucks. Really truly sucks and I didn't want to be looking for a job at all.

Mom is still terribly ill. She's slowly getting worse and worse and I haven't been dealing with it well. She's fading away and it makes me so awfully sad that I ache to my very core. I'm going to see her in a couple weeks when Mark visits. Will be good to see her but oh so very hard to see her.

Mark is coming. Things are leveling out there which is very good. Still....I am very afraid it will all fall apart somehow. He'll be here in just over 9 days. Lots of long future plans talks will be happening so decisions will be made.

Phew....enough with the all that, how about a funny for you? There is a very cute ebay auction that someone sent me that I just have to share. So there you go. Don't say I never gave you anything!

Speaking of giving....I have gotten something for Mark for his birthday and I am having second thoughts about it. It suddenly seems a little cheesy and silly. What do you get for a man that is sweet ad meaningful that doesn't end up being cheesy? It's such a fine line. *sigh* I'll let you know how it goes.


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