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Wednesday, February 3

Stand Off

This afternoon when we got home from school Jordan decided to play outside for a bit an doff he went into the back garden. Naturally, kicking the football around the garden evolved into kick the ball against the house and I opened the back door to tell him not to kick the ball against the house. Instantly this was translated into "one more time" and he knew he was in for it. So he yelled back and escalated it all to rude. Fine if that's how you want to play it...no cocolate bar that was just purchased at the shop on the way home from school. This was translated into "Oh my god you aren't going to give me any food anymore and I am just going to die right here in this spot". In the middle of the back garden, arms crossed looking grumpy. I laughed. Oh, I just couldn't help myself. He stayed out there for fifteen minutes. Standing there progressed to sitting in a lump with his arms around his knees...back facing the house...and on to grabbing a spare tarp to cover himself with and block out the harsh cold winds.

When he came in he snuck around the house to the front door and bounced in when I opened the door. Bright and cheerful..hoping I will have forgotten all about it.


At 8/19/2010 03:15:00 pm, Blogger stephchows said...

HI! I was just about to send the jam exchange list out to everyone so if you can get me your info before 5 today that would be great and I'll add you in! Just need your mailing address, email, webpage. You can email me at stephchows at gmail.com

Glad to have you!


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