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Monday, November 5


I feel like Garfield the cat....remember he'd pull the blanket over his head and say "I hate Mondays"? Goodness this was a Monday. Work was sooooooo busy. I was doing my job most of the day but then had to squeeze in doing Tina's too and her comments just about drove me over the freaking edge. I am sure she was trying to be pleasant and funny but it just pissed me off. If she had done the job right and thoroughly the first time I wouldn't be having to do the work at all.

There is also a bit of a shake up going on at work...the team I work on is going to be reporting to a different boss and apparently set up differently. My boss asked me today what I liked best about what I do...what tasks I enjoyed the most. I have no idea where this is going and though it's not really worrying I hate not knowing stuff. I like who I work with and what I do and would be happy with just no more changes just now.

Then to just top off the this Monday I got home and discovered that the cat missed the darn littler box again! It's like she walked into it and hung her butt out the end and peed all over the floor. I could smell it when I came in. Ugh. It's raining and windy and I had a long hard day and all I wanted to do is come home and curl up on the sofa and knit. Now I have a floor to mop. Yeah, I haven't done it yet.




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